Meet The Symbols

Fort Collins, Colorado power trio The Symbols does an excellent job covering the fifty-year-old Jimi Hendrix tune ” Little Wing” at a local Denver dive called The Dive Bar.

Mer Sal on Bass and Vocals 

Jasco on Guitar

Don Stahl on Drums


Gee let’s build our own jet fighter shall we?

The 13th annual Warbirds over the Rockies event was held Thursday-Saturday in Arvada,Colorado. Aviators from all over brought their scale-model radio-controlleded aircraft to a model airplane park just east of Highway 93 near Golden, Colorado. It appears that development will erase this little oasis from the world soon enough.

A brand new neighborhood sits just behind the airpark. For now it’s safe. Grown men and women build jet airplanes that sound a lot like the real thing.

Here’s a West German F-86 model in flight.

It was a dark and stormy night


I decided to see the new Ghostbusters movie at the old 88 Drive-in. Still standing since the 1960’s or before. Named after the Rocket 88 Oldsmobile perhaps as well as the street closest to it in Commerce City, Colorado.
Nestled just outside the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. A former weapons depot and perhaps Superfund site ?
A great place to bring the kids. Most people don’t worry about it these days.
The sky on the way up from Denver was tremendous.


Once at this outdoor movie palace, I vaguely recalled having visited here before with much beer and some friends back in the 1970’s.


The bathrooms here are still dirty. The ads on the screen implore you the audience to visit the snack bar as most of the ticket price goes to the movie studio.
Two drinks and a pizza for $16 isn’t too bad, but I ate my smuggled-in food instead. I am a rat for doing that-


I know.

Then there’s the movie.
A neat idea to cast Ghostbusters with a female cast. The movie steers away from the original version pretty well-at first.These are new characters with new weirdnesses to exploit for comedy.
Despite a valiant effort to reinvigorate a 30-year old classic with fresh ideas and new twists, it still comes down to fighting off the giant 500-foot tall monster at the end… just like back in 1984.
Chris Hemsworth brings a welcome oddness to the film as a block-headed poster boy who’s several standard deviations behind the Ghostbusters team in IQ.
Melissa McCarthy is the alpha-female of the group.
Kate McKinnon as engineer Jillian Holtzmann seems to be channeling her inner Jane Lynch.
Bill Murray in a cameo looks old and tired.
The best thing about the original film was how original it was: a terrifying and odd and hilarious movie that came out of nowhere.
This movie is a little like old wine in new bottles. It will sell plenty of tickets. But it won’t startle and amaze anyone with its inspired weirdness as the original film did.

photos: D.Townsell
Ghostbusters cast photo:

Roseanne brings movie to Denver


Domestic goddess and 2012 presidential candidate Roseanne Barr returned to Denver last Saturday night to screen her new film
Roseanne for President.
An intimate look at a her life on a macadamia ranch she owns and shares with her companion John Argent, and a documentary of her pursuit of the Green Party presidential nomination in 2012.
This is the ultimate underdog story and she draws you in with her tough-sounding populism and the courage/foolishness of her home-brewed campaign, largely run via Skype and telephone.
I’m trying to save energy and be Green, she explains.
She comes across as weary while hanging out at her home in Hawaii, although she slings the biting repartee as of old.
A heart-warming story-really-about a quixotic effort to change American politics, or at least have a good time being a slightly nutty pop icon.
Roseanne Barr will perform her comedy act tonight at her original home stage-The Denver Comedy Works.