Shakespeare is Dead. What a tragedy.


400 years later, I’m still cryin’.


I guess I’ll have to learn how to write all by myself.

Gamma Gamma hey

Local artist/tagger/muralist Gamma Acosta lights up an abandoned gas station/car wash/ soon to be demolished cinder-block building with his draftsmanship at Colfax and Williams Street in Denver.The character behind him is his impression of Denver Broncos player Andre Ware, as The Incredible Hulk cartoon character.


Known also as Gamma Gallery, he is a talented and lively mural maker who captures the eye with skillful public art not paid for by any commision I can think of.
He just does it.


This is another angle of his work combined with other uncredited artists at the Williams Street demo site.


This is talent let loose for all to see. Without a Scientific and Cultural Facilities taxpayer handout.
How cool is that?
This is why I love Denver.
It’s just a leftover building, scheduled for destruction.
A witty public space for art.
Bloody brilliant.

Other photos: copyright(c) 2016 Dan Townsell

Sasha Baron Cohen is a really crass guy

If you can get past that-most
people can’t-you would discover a really talented actor/comedian with a sarcastic and biting sense of humor that rings true.
Truth is a saving grace of comedy.


In his latest foray into social commentary, Cohen, in his latest movie Brothers Grimsby,plays an often-drunk British soccer fan from the grungy English town of Grimsby. As the father of eleven children he knows how to work the social welfare state of his beloved England.
His long lost fellow orphan brother Sebastian (Mark Strong )returns to the family in a bizarre accident that sets the entire British intelligence community against them all.
Nobby( Cohen) becomes his secret agent brother’s closest ally to redeem his brother and keep his whole family from being killed in a relentless manhunt.


Nobby’s brother Sebastian is a hard-edged trained killer with a remarkable ability to survive catastrophe and keep coming back to fight another day.
Crisp and efficient and terrifying to the bad guys he pursues.
Sebastian’s older brother Nobby ,as his sidekick, is eminently unqualified for the secret agent life but muddles through somehow-in the British legendary way.
What a bloody ridiculous farce. A loveable, or at least tolerable and memorable farce.
Plus there’s elephant sex….

Cohen manages to get his pants off as usual.
His cast of British underclass ne’er-do-wells come to his aid in the finale-don’t call it the climax, because that would be too obvious.
Laurence Olivier never had this much fun.
A few stout beers would help you enjoy this film tremendously.
If you wish to see Sasha Baron Cohen’s “real” acting skill, check out his rendition of Thenardier in Les Miserables….


Broncos win-now what ?


Tuesday February 9th, 2016
   A handful of Denver Broncos fans walk home after the massive parade and rally at Civic Center Park Tuesday following the convincing 24-10 Super Bowl win on Sunday.
   What do the fans do now?
Certainly they can’t count on the Colorado Rockies to win the World Series this year….