Roseanne brings movie to Denver


Domestic goddess and 2012 presidential candidate Roseanne Barr returned to Denver last Saturday night to screen her new film
Roseanne for President.
An intimate look at a her life on a macadamia ranch she owns and shares with her companion John Argent, and a documentary of her pursuit of the Green Party presidential nomination in 2012.
This is the ultimate underdog story and she draws you in with her tough-sounding populism and the courage/foolishness of her home-brewed campaign, largely run via Skype and telephone.
I’m trying to save energy and be Green, she explains.
She comes across as weary while hanging out at her home in Hawaii, although she slings the biting repartee as of old.
A heart-warming story-really-about a quixotic effort to change American politics, or at least have a good time being a slightly nutty pop icon.
Roseanne Barr will perform her comedy act tonight at her original home stage-The Denver Comedy Works.


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