Gamma Gamma hey

Local artist/tagger/muralist Gamma Acosta lights up an abandoned gas station/car wash/ soon to be demolished cinder-block building with his draftsmanship at Colfax and Williams Street in Denver.The character behind him is his impression of Denver Broncos player Andre Ware, as The Incredible Hulk cartoon character.


Known also as Gamma Gallery, he is a talented and lively mural maker who captures the eye with skillful public art not paid for by any commision I can think of.
He just does it.


This is another angle of his work combined with other uncredited artists at the Williams Street demo site.


This is talent let loose for all to see. Without a Scientific and Cultural Facilities taxpayer handout.
How cool is that?
This is why I love Denver.
It’s just a leftover building, scheduled for destruction.
A witty public space for art.
Bloody brilliant.

Other photos: copyright(c) 2016 Dan Townsell


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