Denver drops to 13 degrees. This homeless man is cool with that


So, I drove up to the 7-Eleven and this guy was laying there in the snow, in a down-filled sleeping bag. He was to the left of the dumpster. Oddly, I found this odd.
He was sleeping in the snow, while the air temp was 19 degrees below freezing.
I had two shirts plus two fleece shirts plus an overcoat.
Plus, I drove around in a heated car.
If Urban Campers treat themselves this way, how is it harmful to put people into hospitals, to try and arrest
their incapacity to care for themselves?



  1. I lived in Denver briefly in 1991. I am really from the West Slope of Colorado, but about half my high school buddies wound up in Denver (or the area). And I have a lot of deep feeling for Denver and Colorado in general, even though I live in Lubbock, Texas now.

    Very moved by your post. We lost a man two days after Christmas here in Lubbock to the freezing blizzard. He refused help and stayed out there in a light jacket and blanket until Jesus took him, I guess. We did not get below zero, but it was a viscous, biting wind and a driving hard snow with plenty of ice.

    Reminded me of your man….

    Thanks for posting….

    Agent X
    Fat Beggars School of Prophets
    Lubbock, Texas (USA)

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