That’s the fact, Jack


Bill Murray is famous for many sayings in his movies. One of those sayings is ” That’s the fact Jack”.
The other day, Senator Ted Cruz was questioning the head of The Sierra Club about the seeming contradiction between the absolute statement that ” 97 per cent of scientists agree with the  anthropogenic (human caused) global warming theory”, and the satellite data which shows no temperature change on Earth, referred to as ” The Pause” in global warming by environmentalists.

Senator Ted Cruz bears a resemblance to Bill Murray, so much so that I half expected Cruz to stand up and shout Bill Murray’s statement- and yet Senator Cruz restrained himself-somehow.


If you do not see this video, but instead a bunch of ” …”
writing instead, I will point you to Youtube, as my handy dandy website refuses to make certain of my hyperlinks functional. The Gal Costa ” Day of the Nipple” post a few weeks back works a-ok. Curious. Awfully curious how this particular hyperlink to Senator Cruz’s questioning doesn’t quite work….Dan



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