Master Luke, the Sense of BS within You is Strong


Photo: caad.
Writer Chris McDougall, in his book, Natural Born Heroes, likes to crank up the reader’s expectations, about miraculous events waiting just ahead for amateur athletes who follow his Profound New Discoveries in athletic performance: The Greek islanders on Crete, in World War II, were just phenomenal. They tapped into their ancestral Gods’  impressive power, and, voila. The Nazis were toast. Because, the Cretans were masters of their fascia, or the connective tissue which allowed Bruce Lee to perfect the One Inch Death Punch. And allowed the Cretans to skate over the high mountain scree, whilst losing the hundred-thousand Nazi troops.
Plus , the Cretans ate weeds.
We Westerners just hate weeds. Because we just don’t
” get weeds”. Because we’re stupid Westerners.
Ultimately, we athletes need to eat low-glycemic foods:like peanuts and broccoli and avoid milk.
Low-glycemic foods make us like Greek Heroes. Like the Greek Cretan resistance heroes.Such is McDougall’s thesis.
This is thrilling non-fiction book about the heroes of the Island of Crete, in World War II. It is a diet, I suppose.
Ultimately, it encourages the reader to embrace the heroism within us all.


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