Gino Vannelli-synth/pop 70’s icon was The Man

  So, Gino Vanneli waltzed into my girlfriend’s life back in 1974. I thought myself a singer and…she bought it. And then , here comes Gino. I thought I was the center of her universe. I thought myself handsome. I thought her every curve was mine. Not that I possessed those curves, but that I appreciated them more than anyone else alive.

 I was right. Still, she doubted herself, although she eventually earned a Masters Degree in Fine Arts. 

I sang pretty well for an amateur.
So, here comes Gino Vanneli: handsome and talented and so, so well-produced it could make a high-school kid hang his head and sigh. 

Gino had knee-high lace up rawhide boots.Gino had flash. Gino had long flowing dark curly locks. Gino was the whole package.

And when he sang, Gino turned a woman into a fawning acolyte of his manly presence. It was all designed very well.

So, then, here’s Gino Vanneli: a musical innovator in the mid-seventies, with a powerful and artful sound, which still arrests y
our mind with its power


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