Pizzeria Locale is the next Chipotle’s. Really (?)

     The first franchise location of Pizzeria Locale is open at Sixth Avenue and Broadway Steet in Denver. It is chic and yet not snobby. Once inside,  I thought I had stumbled into an Aspen restaurant. Marble, or at least marble-ish tabletops and counter space. A dramatically-lit space with high ceilings. A polished staff of adults running what is after all fast food, or fast- casual , as the restaurant types might say.

    I was lured in by a postbox coupon for free, and buy-one-get-one pizzas. For the record, I go by “Dan”, not “Resident”. 

    I tried the Calabria pizza. It was good enough. A thin Neapolitan crust, with ricotta cheese, red sauce, red peppers and intense oregano to offset the mild red sauce. For $5.75, it was a nice light lunch. An appetizer for a long Italian meal if I had a couple of hours to spend there. 

      The next time back I tried the Campagnola. Salty anchovies, green olives and capers with a red sauce. Not bad. 
    The second pizza in my two for one deal was the Diavolo pizza  

    which featured pepperoni and cheese. A more classic style that seemed more like a full meal. 

    Baked in a specially-created oven with a rotating table inside, all three pizzas had a nicely charred rustic appearance. Each was ready in just two minutes.

    These are what you call personal pizzas. At eleven inches across, they could easily fit into a computer case. 

    You could easily order three or four of these pizzas to go, plunk them down on your car seat, and feed the office. 

    Or just do a lunch meeting right there in the restaurant. It’s a serene atmosphere in this place. Well run, with an elegant black and white design. You can buy a craft beer or a glass of wine to go with your um, smallish pizza.

    Oh,and they’re opening up a franchise in Kansas City and Cincinatti. 

    Did I mention they have a partner arrangement with the phenomenal Chipotle’s restaurant chain ? 

    My intuition tells me they’ll have five-hundred locations by 2020. These guys are that good.  



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