What are these people smokin’?

You already know the answer to that question.  

In case you haven’t had enough ZZ Top, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd in your life, this is your station. With air staff named Gary Ganja and Billy Blunt cranking the tunes. 70’s stoner comedians Cheech and Chong in famous audio clips from their movies. This station is like a giant leap backwards to the Nixon era.

Syndicated broadcaster “Bubba the Love Sponge” starts out in morning drive time. Think Howard Stern, only with less class, less polish….This is how culture is formed or dis-formed. Because Howard Stern is tacky, the next guy coming up has to be doubly-tacky, and so on.

They probably wear slacks with no crease to work as well….

So, this is it folks. This is their big drawing point: they like pot. 

With 990 watts (350 night-time watts) on AM, and 250 watts on FM, I could pick up the station pretty well in west Denver, but a little fuzzier in downtown Denver. This is a small station, folks. It sounds somewhat amateurish. Not as raw as college radio though. Of course they have a live stream on the internet at smokin941.com. 

I just hope this station doesn’t lead to more young folks using drugs or anything. That would be bad. 

Image: allaccess.com   Source: Wikipedia 


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