IMG_0672Lonely tank commander “Wardaddy” ( Brad Pitt) leads his sintered half-civilized tank crew into the deep regions of a desperate German homeland as World War Two winds down, in April 1945. This gritty novella spares few details of war, engaging us in the nuts and bolts and guts of the actual pursuit of victory against the Nazi regime.
At this stage in his career, Brad Pitt can afford the most raw, genuine and laudable acting accomplishment of his life.
Given the Hollywood movie cliche: that the good guys always win- Pitt finds a way to sacrifice himself.
There are faint echos, plot-elements, taken from Saving Private Ryan, and the monumental war story, Patton.
The sweet romantic interlude, where Wardaddy and his raw recruit befriend German ladies, expecting rape and pillage upon their bodies, allows an interlude from the grimy relentless carnage and Godlessness of war.
This is a sad and gripping tale from inside the ” tank” of human war experience.

Photo: Strayhair.com


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