Burger Fi, not Semper Fi ?

IMG_0642Yet another burger store enters the Denver market: Burger Fi. This mostly east-coast chain has planted its first Colorado location at 1147 Broadway, just south of downtown Denver. They do not want you to think of Burger King or McDonald’s when you step inside, no.
The menu will soon tell you it’s old wine in new bottles. Same as it ever was, in the long played-out genre of burgers, fries and shakes. The decor is decidedly shiny and new, with the steel ceiling fan, metal furniture and warm blonde wood accents on the walls. No formica, no fluorescent lighting, no screaming kids nor leftover 1980’s vibe.
I decided to go contrarian and ordered the quinoa burger, a crunchy disc of grain-based stuff from the staple crop first grown by the Incas I believe. Not bad. Perhaps the vegan 5 per cent of America’s population will be mollified by this solitary offering to them, on this otherwise meaty high-caloric menu.

IMG_0643Eating the vegie burger at this joint feels of course like sitting at the Little Persons table at grandma’s on Thanksgiving.
I returned to try the angus burger with lettuce, pickle and tomato. It was slightly better than the Standard National Burger well known from the big burger chains. Not nearly as good as Five Guys with the pile of sautéed mushrooms et cetera on top.
The skin-on fries were voluminous and almost identical to the Five Guys version. Burger Fi’s French fries were a little bitter though. My simple meal of burger fries and iced tea is about 1100 calories. About two hours worth of exercise on the elliptical machine for me.

I suppose this is the new/old burger paradigm.
This must be a metaphor for how we pick new Presidents.


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