NEWSFLASH : Shakespeare still dead

IMG_0615-0In an unprecedented move, modern writers from many countries agreed that William Shakespeare is still indeed dead. Further, they admitted they were ” barely capable of cleaning his boots, let alone copying , or even exceeding his unique style, which shines a laser-like beacon upon all humanity”. Said one modern writer, not named Stephen King , nor Tom Clancy, ” we are collectively, well, idiots, living in the shadow of 400-hundred year old greatness. We bring ridicule, as modern writers, upon the English language.
While interviewed, magically, in his unmarkéd grave, the great Shakespeare merely said: How now shall I now learn the number of this Gwyneth- though she counts as Paltrow ? Winneth shall she ever make me and ten- score besides. And flaxen dost her hair makes’t a hay bed in the gloaming fastness in my sight.


Photos:, Gwyneth Paltrow, from Shakespeare in Love (movie) hot flick .net


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