915 days later, suspect James Holmes goes to trial ( sort of )

IMG_0458.JPGJames Holmes, suspect in an attack which killed 12 and wounded 70 others, in Aurora, Colorado, on July 20, 2012, goes on trial, January 20, 2015, for over 150 criminal counts. Well, … at least, they’re picking a jury, from thousands of Arapahoe County residents.
The phrase ” Justice delayed is justice denied”,comes to mind. “Just” an idea here. Photo: Wikipedia



  1. Maybe. I expect that James Holmes has been in the lockup the whole while. If they deduct that time from his sentence he will almost certainly be incarcerated the rest of his life (or perhaps it will be just the prelude to an End).

  2. Do you know why there was such a delay?

    Authorities had to find, establish and prove in all details the guilt of the OKC bombers. What I can remember of this apprehension was a near-undeniable record of legal guilt.

    • Holmes has had mental health evaluations and almost had a plea deal which fell through I believe. The defense repeatedly pleas for more time to process all the evidence. Most recently the defense cited two medical emergencies on its staff as an excuse for another delay.

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