DuoLingo is Genius

IMG_0151.PNGI spent four long years studying Spanish in high school. Time well spent, overall . Since then I have had an on and off relationship with Spanish. My informal study of Spanish really took off once I met The Guys From Michoan: Ismael, Báltazar, Abél, and the ladies from El Salvador : Cruz and ” Sandy”. My first sentence to these native speakers, once I got the courage, was: ” Uh, uh, uh, Me llamo Daniel”. Boy that was hard to say. All my academic training had formed in me the intense desire to not screw up the conjugation of the verb- for example: I go ( voy ), you go ( vas ), etcetera.
The Guys from Michoacan ( a state on the west coast of Mexico) were ranchers. Ranchers are hard- core. Consider, for example, lassoing a 1200 pound bull, before breakfast, and leading it around to the branding station. Bulls can easily crush people against a wall. I may have come off like a clown to them, my new friends from Michoacan. Such is life.
They helped me immensely.
I just recently discovered this cool and genius- inspired app called duoLingo. I downloaded it to my phone. It is an instant language teacher that purports to teach me a college semester’s worth of language study in 34 hours. That seems about right.
In my opinion, academic language study is way overladen with well, academic baggage. Baggage which helps the student coexist, for God’s sake in the future graduate-level studies in the student’s future. To hell with that noise.
duoLingo just takes the raw beginner through easy, practical steps through the language in question , such as Spanish in my case, or Irish, which I tried out as an experiment.
Irish is a forbidding language to me and most any neophyte.
And yet, the duoLingo app gently led me, as if a child, kindly, by the hand, into this weirdly-spelled European language, without stress or strain.
A miracle.

IMG_0266.JPGphoto: Wikipedia


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