thedenverdaily passes 200th post

IMG_0183.JPGOur blog has passed a milestone – 200 posts – and we thank our followers and commentators for the opportunity. We love our little city of 2 million here in metropolitan Denver. Our site has garnered views from the U.S., Germany, France, Turkey, the Russian Federation and several more countries. It’s an honor. Please feel free to leave your comments, which we always appreciate .
I started thedenverdaily around July 2011. It was a way for me to continue, if only in spirit, the Denver Daily News, online. I worked for the Denver Daily for ten years- almost its complete run. It was a free daily that seemed to fill in the vacuum left by the Rocky Mountain News, at least for a while. The Denver Post, our last daily, looks thinner each month.
Business models come and go. Newspapers, it is said, were done in by Craigslist and the smartphone .
Thanks for reading. We appreciate your attention .

The photo above is the Denver sunset from October 31, 2014.

All photos on this site, unless otherwise noted, are copyright (c) Daniel Townsell 2011-2014. All rights reserved.



  1. The view in town on ¡Halloween! (The God of nature makes His discreet appearance in Bronco Orange.)

    All salute thedenverdaily!

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