Flying Over Mile High Stadium

IMG_0128 A towplane pulls a “Way To Grow” company ad banner over Tivoli Student Center at Auraria campus Sunday October 5th, prior to the Denver Broncos-Arizona Cardinals game. Way To Grow is a Colorado hydroponic supply company that sells, or hopes to sell, to the newly-formed home cannabis community. Coloradans are allowed to grow up to six plants per household.The Broncos won 41-20.



  1. I love our bluuuue Colorado sky! Thanks for the pic. Speaking of new situations, There’s a new community radio station here in the Springs – KCMJ,, 93.9. I’ll be handing out flyers this week to let people in the area know about it. they’re not on air, yet, but you can find them online @ broadcast date is set for May 2015.

    • Dear Pat, are you the engineer of this station perchance? I’d love to hear about this station. Obviously I’m not such a broadcaster these days…. Dan

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