Two for One

IMG_0766[1] You thought Denver was only famous for the Denver omelette, made with ham, onions and green peppers? Or the propensity for our sports teams, like the Rockies, Broncos or Nuggets to lose big in the national championship?
Well, we have something else here – the Denver Boot. A large yellow clamp that wraps around your car’s wheel and renders it inoperable-unless it’s a flying car I guess. Three unpaid tickets is all it takes basically to join the Boot list. After your car has been booted for 72 hours, it goes on the impound list. Then you pay the tow company fees ($100, plus storage fee) plus the unboot fee ($100) plus all unpaid tickets to get your car back.
My question is: How do you get two boots on one car?? Does the city keep throwing tickets on your car after you “get the Boot”-until you have three more tickets-and thus “earn” another Boot? Did the tow truck guy have too many tows to get to, and thus couldn’t drag your car away fast enough for the city’s liking? This is starting to sound like an perverse version of the game Monopoly!?
According to our friends at Wikipedia, the boot was invented and patented (in 1958) by Frank Marugg, a violinist with the Denver Symphony Orchestra-and is used the world over. You’re welcome….


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