Going Vertical

IMG_0633[1] My friend Bill and I were looking for a place to eat and we came across The Denver Biscuit Co.(141 So. Broadway). Maybe it was the faux-archaic sign on the side of the building, but I just hadn’t thought it worth trying.
The place was packed at one p.m. on a Saturday, so we were seated at the bar. On TV were the national collegiate lacrosse semi-finals. University of Denver Pioneers were facing off against Duke University while Notre Dame went against Loyola-Maryland (I think).
IMG_0634[1] Bill had the pulled-pork sandwich while I went for the “healthier”-but still not kosher-catfish sandwich. You don’t eat these sandwiches so much as “wade into them”, as George S. Patton would say. Giant biscuit sandwiches skewered into one unit. They were delicious.
Our elaborately-tattooed bartendress kept the iced tea flowing. The tattoos on each of her collarbones were in Sanskrit. They had a special spiritual meaning-which I have forgotten. I think Robert Oppenheimer recited some Sanskrit poetry after the first A-bomb was set off in the desert of New Mexico in 1945.
The noise level, with the high ceiling and no sound insulation made conversation difficult. Maybe I’m just going deaf.IMG_0638[1]


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