All Is Lost(?)

the current dot org  20131025_robert-redford-all-is-lost_91 (2)Robert Redford, an unnamed sailor, is stuck in the ocean. His 30-foot sailboat has struck a shipping container above the boat’s waterline. The Sailor is now in deep trouble whether he knows it or not.
His fiberglass boat can’t be fixed with a board and some tar as in the old wooden-boat days. His patch doesn’t work. Slowly the Sailor realizes his radio is ruined and he is completely on his own.
He decides to abandon ship and inflate the emergency life-raft. He needs to get to the heavily-traveled shipping lanes and try to get one of these giant freighters to pick him up.
This is a story told almost wordlessly, with no dialogue. This enhances the intensity of The Sailor’s predicament. The story holds up well as an experiment in as an almost silent movie.
I had long assumed Robert Redford’s acting career was “lost” as well as the character he portrays.
Even at age 77 he still has talent and enough vitality to carry this fairly strenuous role.
A decent story that recalls that of Stephen Callahan, lost at sea for 76 days, in 1983.



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