DVD: Blue Jasmine

amcnetworks dot com  and ifc dot com   Blue Jasmine  Money-Isnt-Everything Jasmine (Cate Blanchett) seems to have it all. She’s on the board of this or that charity in New York City. Her husband Hal (Alec Baldwin) has international companies that do- well, whatever it takes to keep Jasmine in rich clothes and large sprawling houses.
We first meet Jasmine on a plane west to San Francisco After The Fall. It seems good old Hal had a few accounting problems a la Enron or maybe even Bernie Madoff. Hal went to jail and The Feds took almost everything Jasmine had as compensation for Hal’s crimes. Jasmine’s going to get her stuff together at her sister Ginger’s place. Ginger(Sally Hawkins) works the check-stand at the local supermarket. It seems Ginger and ex-husband Augie (Andrew Dice Clay) had a $200,000 lottery windfall a few years back and Hal “invested” it for them. Too bad for them.
Now Jasmine lands on Ginger’s doorstep and she needs a drink. Why not a whole bunch of drinks while we’re at it? Jasmine gets a reception job with a dentist-so beneath her station-and tries to learn “this whole computer thing” as she puts it.
At a party Jasmine meets a marriageable man who has a lot of cash. He needs an interior designer for his new house and wouldn’t you know-Jasmine is one, at least in her delusional mind. After all, she has an eye for “soft furnishings”. That qualifies doesn’t it?
After those electro-shock treatments she went through following the collapse of her marriage, Jasmine has a bad habit of arguing with people who aren’t actually there.
Still, Jasmine has met Mr. Right or at least Mr. Right-Now, and what could possibly arise from the past to spoil her triumphant return to the land of soft furnishings?
This is one of Cate Blanchett’s best movies to date. She is tall, blond, stately and iconic. I loved this movie.
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