The Burger Palace

ImageImageThe burger palace where I hang out occasionally is going to be sold. The corporation wants to be done with it. They won’t fix the roof that leaks after a snowstorm. The men’s bathroom needs attention-let’s leave it at that. It’s quiet in here at 830 at night on a Thursday.

Speer Boulevard and Cherry Creek are right over my shoulder: a massive concrete flood prevention channel that also has a popular bike path from southeast Denver to down past the Auraria Campus downtown. The homeless folks live down there and relax in the little park 100 feet away. They use the burger palace as their warming station on cold days, and also charge up their cell phones. The free wifi is useful as well. There are three different corners here where people “fly signs” asking for money from motorists who stop at a light. The staff here has to ask them to leave at 1030 am most mornings.

The demographic here is not your mass quantities of kids and their parents. We mostly look a little scruffy or at least lonely. The Spanish-speaking bilingual staff forgets to blast the contemporary hits on occasion, such as now. This silence underlines the lack of children in the area. It’s getting harder to find a place to just sit and type with a meal.



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  1. Where is (or was) this restaurant—the address? It is not familiar.

    Too bad for the needy nearby. Did there presence help push it under? (Accommodating needs can be difficult.)

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