DVD: Lone Ranger

THE LONE RANGERSilver(left) and Tonto(Johnny Depp) talk turkey.

Johnny Depp and friends decided to bring back the Western and they made it work. A brightly lit modern re-telling of the Lone Ranger story from the old tv series and movie. John Reid/The Lone Ranger comes west to meet up with his brother the sheriff and becomes deputized as a Texas Ranger. Famous cannibal/bad guy Butch Cavendish spoils his plans, killing Reid’s brother and setting up the movie-long chase to bring Cavendish to justice. Reid meets Comanche Indian Tonto just as Tonto is about to bury Reid when a nasty ambush leaves Reid near death. Tonto brings John Reid back to health and creates the Masked Man persona. All this is told in flashback by Tonto many years later after young Will (Mason Cook) stumbles into The Noble Savage diorama at the local carnival. Depp’s amiable weirdness-he wears a dead bird on his head-add much to the movie and Armie Hammer(?) is heroic and straight-laced as lawyer John Reid, who reads John Locke as his bible, and who talks liberally about justice.
This movie cost a lot to make. It shows. It features several train wrecks, an extended multi-train chase scene and a large cast including British actors Tom Wilkinson, Helena Bonham Carter (as Red, with an ivory false leg) and Ruth Wilson as the young widow. Mason Cook nearly steals the show as the sharp-eyed Will at the carnival. This movie is much better than its reputation. I’d like to see the next installment soon.frontrowreviews dot com Red-the-lone-ranger-34505827-500-700theguardian dot tv     121211LoneRanger_7010333



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