DVD: Beasts of the Southern Wild

beasts-of-the-southern-wild3 nyobserver dot comBeasts_of_the_Southern_Wild_Still1_QUVENZHANE_WALLIS_byBen_Richardson moviecitynews dot com This is the “money shot” that you see in all the advertisements for this movie. This is the 6-year old star of the movie, Quvenzhane Wallis in a misleading photo that leads one to believe this is going to be some kind of magical extra-ordinary vision inside a child’s life, perhaps.
Actually this movie is a descent into the spiritual and obviously physical squalor of adults and their tragically entwined offspring-children is too generous for people who raise their issue almost as feral animals. Hushpuppy-how charming- is being raised-or is it lowered, by her constantly drunk father. She lives in a fractured trailer while her father passes out, er sleeps, in his personal hovel nearby. While frying up some catfood for dinner, I kid you not, she (actress Quvenzhane Wallis) sets the place on fire. Who woulda thunk it?
Yes it all goes downhill from here. Let’s just say the “beasts” in the title are not the giant Aurochs (ancient bovines) of Hushpuppy’s imagination, but the degenerate para-human derelicts who are quickly introducing little Hushpuppy into the anti-social milieu they have fallen into.
The New York Times, on the DVD cover, calls this movie “an imponderable wonder”.
You must be kidding me.

photos: new york observer.com, movienews.com


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