Slices of Broadway

Pizza is having a rebirth on Broadway. Long the domain of Famous Pizza, 98 South Broadway, several new places have moved in on the original .

The Pie Hole (44 South Broadway) is in the former home of Denver Books, a dusty throwback to the sixties that sat vacant after its sad demise. This is the theory of creative destruction in action. What is there now is a dark shoebox of a space, with pinball machines in the back. A hangout for cheap beer and pizza. I had the spinach, feta and strawberry pizza. It was okay but not nouvelle cuisine I’m afraid. Nice try. DSCN1148

Another pizza option is walk-up store Fat Sully’s. Not much decor or parking, as it faces a bus lane. A nice, airy cheese slice is $3.50, where the basic cheese slice at
Pie Hole is a mere $2.08.

Further down Broadway near DU is Joyce’s Famous Pizza. A tiny space in an amorphous shoppette. It features rock and roll memorabilia on the walls and lots of paperwork from the business crowding a table or two. The more substantial cheese slice here is $2.70 and drips a little orange grease. Very tasty.

The last stop on the tour of course is Famous Pizza at Bayaud and Broadway. Serving slices and calzones since 1974.DSCN1146 Located in the very thirties-ish style apartment building that looks a little scary. The interior of Famous Pizza is oldschool Italian mom-and pop plastic tablecloths with the analog clock stuck in the middle of the Coca-Cola menu board. A time capsule. DSCN1147


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  1. Looks yummy! Where should I take the kids when I come at Christmas time? Do ant have sitdown?

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