DVD: Price Check

movies.yahoo.com 132839452Pete Cozy (Eric Mabius) works in the marketing/pricing department of also-ran grocer Wolski’s. Into his life drops Susan Felders (Parker Posey) from the West Coast.             Susan is high-powered, fast-talking and focused only on producing results. She makes friends with his wife and young son Henry. Susan doubles his salary and makes him vice-president, with all the attendant extra hours he hates.
Pete longs to return to music business of his youth but he has bills to pay.
Susan is determined to improve the bottom line in her division and goes straight to the chairman of the board to get it done-including throwing a screaming tantrum on his plush carpet. Along the way to corporate excellence Susan dumps her boyfriend, sleeps with Pete, and another coworker (also dumped in front of the department,in the conference room).
Parker Posey is excellent as the two-faced four-wheeled b**ch. She seems to play that character a lot in her career. Hmm.                     Mabius is also very good. Look for Cheyenne Jackson (below,left) as the a****le ex-boyfriend and Xosha Roquemore as Donna/”Condoleeza Rice”. allmovie.com price-check-still-4


photos:movies.yahoo.com, allmovies.com


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