End of the Hangover

-The-Hangover-(Unrated) freecodesource dotcomI saw all of these movies, Parts I, II and III. There I said it. I’m glad I saw them, if for no other reason than to discover two genuine comedians like Ed Helms as Stu the very uptight dentist and Zach Galifianakis as Alan the superannuated child who still lives at his rich parents’ house.

Yes these are ultimately one-note movies but have you ever played a hit record 45 times in a row?  Well I have and I have the noticeable dent in my sister’s forehead from head-pounding a brick wall to prove it.

This is a roller-coaster type movie and I encourage you to see at least the first installment. Parts two and three are merely rehashes or as we say in business “profit centers”. Part three which I saw last night was running out of gas halfway through but I stayed with it if only to justify the $1.29 I spent at Redbox, dammit. THE HANGOVER PART III

Photos: freecodesource.com and filmequals.com




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