DVD: Gasland


Disturbing and highly controversial, yet I wonder if it isn’t true?  Local rightist talk-host Mike Rosen ,for example, rejects the theory that fracking (hydraulic fracturing) causes any problems with well-water or causes tap water to start burning when exposed to open flame. He states that fracking is perfectly safe as it occurs at thousands of feet below the groundwater level. Also that fracking is a proven 60+ year old technology. Filmmaker Josh Fox travels hundreds of miles from his home in Milanville, Pennsylvania to Weld County, Colorado and the Western Slope of Colorado and elsewhere to interview dozens of people whose water and air quality they assert are strongly negatively affected by below-ground and above-ground drilling practices. He also interviews in-depth an EPA employee who is “not representing the agency” he points out. A well-made documentary with an agenda. Watch it, with a critical eye.

Image: gaslandthemovie.com


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