Mechanic of the Day: Eric The Car Guy

ErictheCarGuy 555643_10151376057007843_1496792803_n
People find working on cars to be grimy, unpleasant and just too difficult. Plus it’s declasse unless you’re working on a Porsche or better. My Toyota mechanic diagnosed a problem in my A/C (air/conditioning) condenser and asked for $800 to fix it. I went on the Internet and found Eric The Car Guy and his Youtube channel, and learned how, yes me, to replace the parts and refill the A/C system with Freon. The Haynes fix-it manual also helped greatly. Voila, it was done. About $400 more cheaply than the Toyota mechanic. There are boatloads of car guys on Youtube but Eric ( is one of the most articulate, low-key and easiest to follow out there. Check him out.

Photo: Facebook/Ericthecarguy


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