Book of the Day: State of Slim

If you’re overweight fat or obese, as I am, your metabolism might be broken. This book tells you and me how to fix that: It’s probably a lack of physical activity. The human body is like a bathtub. You drain the bathtub (lose weight) by temporarily restricting overall calories and fat, for two weeks, and then slowly expanding your diet choices as you introduce 10- 20- 30 up to seventy minutes a day of physical activity six days a week. This opens up your “drain”, and you start to lose weight and keep it off. So the theory goes.
Colorado is called the leanest state because we only have a 21% percent obesity rate. That’s still a lot of fat people. SOS cover9781609614911
I think our “low” rate of obesity might have more to do with a self-selection process than any secret “tricks”. I believe high levels of education are positively correlated with lower obesity rates. Also higher levels of income, produced by the advanced education, perhaps. This is a book worth reading whatever your size is.



  1. Colorado was the last state to top the 10%mark like maybe 6 yeares ago?I wonder if the altitude keeps our bodies working harder to get enough oxy? It’s a quandary!
    I’m personally wondering if the GMOs are changing up a little DNA by now?

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