Car2Go ?

If you’ve ever needed a rental car in the middle of the night, or didn’t want to find a rental car office, you may want to join Car2Go.

They seem to be parked in several spaces in my neighborhood. The idea is that you join their list, get a card, find the nearest car, open it up and drive away. The app from iTunes will tell you where to find one.

Car2Go features Smart cars, in an electric and a gas version. At $0.38 a minute, $13.99 an hour, $72.99 a day, plus 11.75% tax, they’re much more expensive to rent than an economy car at one of the national car rental stores in Denver.
You pay for convenience. You drive it, you park it, you’re done.
If you lose the key, that’s $400.


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  1. Wow! That’s one way to make money…or not. And iTunes is part of it! Wow

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