Podcast of the Day: Best Stocks Now

Most financial broadcasts have a sales pitch somewhere. This one is no different. Bill Gunderson is more subtle about it though. San Diego-based Gunderson hangs out with you during his hour-long live broadcast/podcast and just talks about stocks, fishing and The Padres in a low-key way that sounds genuine. Of course he is selling his free/premium stock-picking app, and his newsletter and oh yes his fee-based money management (i.e. stock-picking) service. Broadcast live weekdays at 7am (Pacific) on a select few “money” stations, he is available as well on iTunes for download.
After years of listening to these folks sell everything from variable annuities that are “guaranteed to not lose money” in a down market, to gold coins, to “collateralized mortgage obligations”, Bill seems to be the least annoying and most valuable iteration of the class.I myself am addicted.


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  1. Do you listen on your laptop? How do you pick it up? I’m out in boonies.

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