Star Trek Into Darkness: Return of the Erzatz

Although visually dazzling and a welcome Trek fix for we fans, this incarnation of the 47-year old series seems to be just showing up for the lucrative paycheck. That said, this is one continuous action scene that never bores you.

Chris Pine plays the rulebreaker/womanizer Capt.Kirk and Zachary Quinto is the resolutely honorable, iron-willed First Officer Spock. They are excellent in this buddy movie in space.

Benedict Cumberbatch(?) plays Khan- is that the character played by Ricardo Montalban back in the disco Seventies?- as a really angry guy who wants to hurt a bunch of people, and I just get bored retelling the tale….

The rest of the cast is good enough. I just feel like I’m watching a bunch of Elvis impersonators going through their Karate kicks in their sequined beer-bellied white jumpsuits….


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