DVD of the Day: Les Miserables

This movie begins in the bitter vile crushing pit of poverty and alienation and goes straight downhill from there.

Jean Valjean is thrown into prison for many years and is paroled into the world as an outcast in 19th century France. He creates a new life for himself as a rich man but destroys the life of Fantine purely by accident. He resolves to redeem his mistake by raising her daughter Cosette.

Valjean is relentlessly pursued by policeman Javert, who wants only to see the noble and kind Valjean returned to jail for breaking his parole.

This is a classic tragedy with many chapters in the epic 19th century style. I found it a bit long and tedious at times, what with a revolution stuck in the middle of this. The really surprising part for me was the part where the troops landed on Normandy beach. Now that’s a long 19th century epic.



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