Behind the Wheel Express Spanish: a review

20130320-112630.jpg If you have to learn Spanish in two weeks and then appear like you learned something, this course is the way to go. It is a stripped down version of Spanish that’s kinda sneaky. You learn how to say ” I am going “,”you are going”,” I have “,”I want”,” they want”,” I need” in Spanish and then learn a bunch of Spanish verbs to stick on the end of those phrases, for example: I am going: to swim,to fly,to eat,walk,sleep,leave,etc. You learn how to conjugate a few verbs instead of thirty. Brilliant. It still gets the job done.
Obviously, Spanish is not only speaking to someone but listening to and understanding someone. This class doesn’t pretend to make you fluent. It is more like a utility knife version of Spanish. A handy utility belt of basic stuff designed to be memorable and delivered in an easy-going fashion. Plus it’s on sale at Amazon for $13.63.



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