DVD:The Darjeeling Limited

20130307-132536.jpg If you don’t know where you’re going,any road will get you there. Three brothers travel across India on some ill-defined spiritual journey known only to oldest brother Francis( Owen Wilson).Middle brother Peter(Adrian Brody) wears his deceased father’s sunglasses despite his lack of permission to do so by Dad’s estate. No- really.Peter buys a deadly cobra which escapes and is captured by the train’s porter.The youngest,Jack(Jason Schwartzman), is no longer sleeping with Natalie Portman. He attempts to link up with the train’s stewardess,Rita(Amara Karan).

Along the way the three are kicked off the Darjeeling Limited and must walk.They save two boys from drowning,although one other boy is lost.Eventually they meet up with their mother Patricia( Angelica Huston) at her Catholic mission. Patricia gives a pointless speech and tucks her three grown boys in to bed.Exit,stage left,Patricia.
The brothers hike to the top of a local mountain for a peacock-feather ceremony.
Peter’s wife has their child while he is away.

Wes Andersen must be a lot smarter than us. Surely his movies make sense,at least,to him…?


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