DVD: The Grey with Liam Neeson and Dermot Mulroney

This is a movie about manly men doing manly things.
Liam Neeson stars as Ottway, a wolf hunter who keeps the ferocious animals away from pipeline crews in the north of Alaska.
Ottway is thinking suicidal thoughts as he makes his rounds, missing his far-away wife.
He boards the company plane for Anchorage with his grungy mates and their plane goes down.
Ottway becomes the de facto leader of the seven survivors on the frozen ground around the defunct plane.

They are surrounded by a large pack of wolves almost immediately and must fight for every hour of life. They travel south towards some unknown outpost of civilization and have few tools to fight the wolves with: the odds are more even now that Ottway doesn’t have his rifle.
As this was in A.O.Scott’s top 10 movies for 2012, I expected more from this movie. The scenery is outstanding though.



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