DVD: Salmon Fishing on the Yemen

Ostensibly, this is the story of one man’s vision to improve his desert country by bringing water, and salmon, to the Arabian Peninsula. Sheikh Muhammed ( Amr Waked ) is also handsome and wise and noble. We root for him in his quixotic dream.
A story that works like a fancy wrapping around a more mundane more ordinary package found inside.

Really, this is a rather formulaic British rom- com.
Starring Ewan McGregor as Dr. Alfred Jones and Emily Blunt as Harriet, the assistant to the ultra-rich sheikh with the crazy dream.
Oh and by the way, Harriet also speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese. Don’t ask me- she just picked it up somewhere…!
Harriet also has a new boyfriend, Captain Robert Mayers, now missing in action in Afghanistan, sent there on a dangerous mission.
Dr. Jones, meanwhile, is stifling in a failing marriage. Do you see where all this is going?

At times it appears that Ewan McGregor is stifling his considerable talent to fit himself into this mousy persona of the slightly nerdy ichthyologist. Hey, it’s a paycheck.
Please note: No bodices were harmed ( i.e. ripped ) in the making of this movie.


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