The Secrets of Warmth

There is a science to staying warm.
It involves preparing for harsh weather conditions, and expecting things to possibly go very bad sometimes.
Walking on a frozen lake with your dog , for example , seems to be a popular way to freeze to death in Colorado. The dog falls through the ice, the owner tries to rescue the dog and falls through the ice as well. The owner flails around in the icy water. The dog manages to climb out and waits for help to arrive. The dog lives and the owner dies.
A body in water loses heat 240 times faster than in still air.
Water, sweat, water vapor all make us lose heat and can degrade the insulating quality of what you wear to stay warm. A soggy down jacket doesn’t insulate at all.
Wet clothing can be lethal, especially in the wind.
Author Hal Weiss is an engineer, camper and skier who has produced a valuable and comprehensive, yet easy to read guidebook to keeping out of trouble in cold weather:It has only one equation in the whole book!
That one equation could save your life: Q/t = K x A x ( t1-t2/ L ).
What it means basically is, the thicker the insulation, known here as ” L “, the better.
And remember, never ever ever get your insulation wet.


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