DVD of the Day: Casa de mi Padre ( My father’s house )

This silly absurd post-modern movie made me laugh. A lot.
Since it is all in Spanish, Armando ( Will Ferrell ) and his gringo accent are explained as being due to Armando’s stupidity.
Ferrell stars as Armando Alvarez, who works his father’s cattle ranch, in rural Mexico. Ever since a tragic accident cost young Armando his mother’s life, Armando has been treated poorly by his father. His brother Raul ( Diego Luna ) has left the ranch to become a ” success “, and returns with a radiant fiancee, Sonia ( Genesis Rodriguez ). Armando mistrusts the intentions of Sonia and lets her know it. Raul’ s ” success ” all comes from the drug trade however. Since Armando’s ranch sits within another drug dealer’s territory, ” La Onza ” ( Ounce ), played by Gael Garcia Bernal, and Raul, Armando’s ” smarter brother “, must fight each other to the bitter end.
Casa De Mi Padre belongs to the narco-traficante ( drug trafficker ) genre, so you just know that the spent shell-casings will be raining on the ground. Hopefully, if you are a fan, as often as possible. Call it the pornography of violence. Think of the movie : El Mariachi.
For those of you not fans of Ferrell’s work, this movie might change your mind.
It avoids lowbrow humor and is acted straight, without any winking at the viewer.




( top to bottom ) : Armando, Raul, ” La Onza “, Armando and Sonia


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