DVD of the Day: Get The Gringo

Goofball Mel Gibson stars as career criminal Driver, who gets tossed into a Mexican jail for one more botched heist. He’s determined to get himself out if it kills him.<
Here’s Driver(Gibson) breaking INTO Mexico.

Driver and friend(Kevin Hernandez)share a cigarette in the shantytown inside the Mexican prison.
Gibson has been controversial of late.
Some might think him repulsive for his drunken rants several years back.
He is an effective and skillful action star.
Maybe he’ll grow up someday….




  1. You are saying this is a “Big Roger’s Thumbs Up,” Dantown? (Originally titled “How I Spent My Summer Vacation,” FYI, y’all.)

  2. I’ll give it a 65. It’s got a nice beat. I can dance to it.

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